Sunday, September 11, 2011

Children of the American Revolution Meeting

We enjoyed a great Children of the American Revolution meeting today for the kids. They decorated and delivered cookies to firefighters and got a firestation tour. Enjoyed a moving Mass and great homily at church. We ended the day with a delicious dinner, lovely prayer service, and fun Arab dancing at the Orthodox Church Food Festival fundraiser.

If any of you are Ancestry buffs, and can trace back your relatives to the American Revolution, your children are eligible to be Children of the American Revolution. It is really an American History club for kids, and a great adjunct to our homeschool studies. This year our state history focus is on the California missions, so we are excited to start learning a bit more about Fr. Junipero Serra and his missions. Now if I could just find my copy of The Song of the Swallows about the birds that fly back and forth from Argentina to San Juan Capistrano each year around St Joseph's Day....wouldn't that be a great tie in!

My kids think it's funny that I can't be in the club, because I am first generation american, but they are in it because of their Dad's family. The club members have been VERY welcoming to me and I've never been made to feel left out, in fact, they have encouraged my participation and volunteering efforts. My kids have almost got all six great grandparents' names all the way back to the American Revolution memorized already. 

Mr. J is an junkie, and has traced his family back to Plymouth Rock - just a day too late - apparently they came on the ship that left the day after THAT ship. Which cracks me up, always a day late and a dollar short....

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