Monday, October 31, 2011

Our crew of Saints getting ready for All Hallow's Eve

There's St Peter in his robe with his pair of golden keys. St. Mark in his brown robe and with his emblem the winged lion. Blessed Kateri in her Native American dress. And St. Joseph with his staff of lilies marking him as Mary's husband.

They spread a little light throughout the neighborhood with their sweet and holy smiles, and they will get to use the costumes again next week when our new auxiliary Bishop comes to meet the homeschoolers at OLOP.

And off they go with Dad while I stayed home to man the door!

Here they are arriving at a neighbor's home all decorated for the night. Many of our neighbors go all out. We got our usual mix of clever and scary, silly and skanky costumes, but the good weather brought out hundreds of trick or treaters. We ran out of candy before 8 pm (we had 400 pieces and gave out one at a time) so Bill had to run to the store and buy more.

The kids had a great time, everyone stayed safe, and the house didn't get egged, so overall, a safe and Happy Halloween!

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