Sunday, October 2, 2011

Roses - In many forms

I completed my first ever novena in time for St. Therese's Feast Day for blessings for our Little Flowers group - that the girls would enjoy it, that I would not be nervous, that the mothers would get along.
All those good things that I had specifically prayed for for our Little Flower meeting happened on Saturday morning. Everyone left happy and joyful and excited.

On Friday night, we received confirmation that our home, the house built by Rose and Paul Shoup, had been approved for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the first in our town.

Saturday evening we attended the banquet celebrating 25 years of the Juan Diego Society. It was a very inspirational evening - there were roses on the table, Lila Rose of Live Action gave a riveting speech, St Therese's name was invoked many times, the roses of Our Lady of Guadalupe were remembered. We made the hard decision to become monthly donors even though we had said we would not buy anything at the auction because finances were so tight. The presentations were so moving that we could not do something. Here's Baby M feeling a little star struck in the arms of Lila Rose of Live Action. This young woman is so humble and gracious, it's like she doesn't even know she has Planned Parenthood quaking in their boots. I bet they have whole staff meetings dedicated to how to stop her work!

Tonight our friend and neighbor came by and delivered beautiful white roses to our home. I have known this friend for over 5 years, see her very frequently, and she has never brought me flowers until today. It might be time to set up that monthly pay pal payment to the Juan Diego Society...

***Updated: this friend also brought me eclairs - and I just learned today from reading Jessica's blog over at Shower of Roses that eclairs were St. Therese's favorite treat! This friend is not Catholic so she would not have known what these things would mean to me!

St. Therese, Pray for Us!

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  1. What an amazing weekend. Really though, when you think about it, it's not so surprising. St. Therese said she would spend her heaven sending down showers of roses...and that is what you had. You are blessed.

    And I love your "THINK" acronym! Going to think long and hard about that one.


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