Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Good Day & Octopus Noodles

Today Toto got his first customer in his new trash bin business. For $ 1, he will roll neighbors garbage bins in or out to the sidewalk. He was so excited to earn his first dollar today. He was not as excited when we got back home and he realized he would have to write out a receipt and calculate the amount owed, paid, and balance due each week! But that darn boy is going to write something if it kills me!

We made 3 loaves of bread today and they turned out delicious. Then we watched the DVD we got on our field trip to the Aquarium and it was quite amazing. I learned so much about marine life. For lunch, in honor of our aquarium visit we had Octopus noodles for lunch.

After lunch, Sweetpea had her piano lesson and then we started working on our St. Martin Day lanterns. They turned out very well. 
Later in the afternoon we went to the library so Sweetpea could attend her first Book Club meeting. They discussed "A Mouse Called Wolf", they got to make a mouse craft, and ate a cookie.

The boys got to pick out a lot of new videos and books while we waited for her. After we got home, Baby M got to watch a Baby Einstein Mozart DVD. He wants to keep up with the Ambleside composer of the term, too!

Tonight we're having homemade soup and some of our homemade bread. With all the colds going on around here, we need the soup. The chicken on the menu plan can wait for another day.

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