Monday, November 14, 2011

Grandma IS the Lesson

Tonight I am remembering that old blog post titled " The Baby IS the Lesson " that so motivated me as I thought about how I would get through this homeschooling year with a new baby in the mix. And now there is a new lesson to be learned.

We are beginning a very emotional and difficult week....leading to a major transition for our family. Bill is picking up his mother in Mississippi this week, and driving her back to our home in California - a road trip he is expecting to take 4 to 6 days. We are converting our dining room into a bedroom for her, buying a bed, dealing with accessibility and toileting issues, etc. This is not really what we planned to be doing after just bringing home an infant this summer, but we know that it is the right thing to do for her and for our children.

As such, my ability to leave the house at all will be sharply curtailed for the time being as I incorporate another person into our household and my daily caretaking and housekeeping routines. We hope that once she is here and we can have her evaluated by a doctor that we can start looking at respite care or senior day care etc. so that my health does not deteriorate. All we can tell from here is that she has dementia and is incontinent and her facility is probably financially abusing her and not taking proper care of her.

Tomorrow morning I have my Remicade infusion so I will be down for a day or two. My mother has taken Sweetpea till Thanksgiving. We have asked Coach to come back part-time for the next few weeks to take care of the big boys until we can figure all this out.

Please pray for us. I never expected that God would give me two chances to protect the dignity of life from conception to natural end this year. But He has. And so I must.

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