Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Chef

Sweetpea was so proud about feeding Baby M food that she had made him herself over the weekend. I taught her how to use the toaster oven so she could bake him a potato. Then she helped me puree the carrots with the mouli, season them with dill, and freeze them in ice cube trays.

Tonight she defrosted a carrot cube, mixed in the potato, and stirred in some brown rice cereal and water. She let him have a taste to see if he liked it, and of course he gulped it down like a starving man! She was so thrilled that he liked her cooking.

So far he has liked everything he has tried: applesauce, bananas, pumpkin, avocado, mango, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, brown rice cereal, oatmeal, cantaloupe, and kiwi.

He is our little gourmet. It is such a blessing to have a big, healthy baby that is such a good eater! This weekend we really need to go buy him a crib. It is getting dangerous to let him sleep in the co-sleeper anymore. He can almost sit up by himself.

We also have to go get our Christmas tree this weekend and start finally getting ready for Christmas. Gordo's godfather might be coming to visit for the weekend so he can help us set up the tree too. It'll be nice to have Grandma Ann here to see the stockings she embroidered for the kids hung up on the fireplace. The kids really love those special stockings!

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