Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Feast of St. Valentine!

With so many wonderful resources out in Catholic Blog land it was very easy to find fun and quick things for the kids to do in preparation for our Feast of St. Valentine Celebration Dinner. 

Bill and I read a nice prayer asking for God to help our children pick their future spouses based on the heart and soul, and not on outward appearances. 

The kids had a great time making the handmade valentines for each other, for us, and for Grandma Ann. Gordo enjoyed the coloring sheet of St. Valentine that I found a link to on Jessica's Shower of Roses Blog, originally from Waltzing Matilda, I believe. He did a really good job of coloring with lots of amazing detail, really good, "especially for a five year old," as his older brother would say!

Here is Sweetpea reading up on St. Valentine from one of our picture books after the Valentines were already made. She cut the fresh flowers from the garden to make us a bouquet for the table as well.
Here is our Valentine's Day "candy" assembly line. Pretzels dipped in melted white chocolate and then dipped in pink, red, and white sprinkles. We've had these sprinkles for an embarrassingly long time. They were hand-carried to the US as a gift for us from an Argentinian friend. The sprinkles are so cheap there that she brought me about a quart of each of 10 different colors. I've had them for about six years now. The kids want to make the same candy for St. Patrick's day with regular, praying arms pretzels, and green and white sprinkles next month. These are so easy and safe for the kids to make, they turn out pretty, and they are so sweet and savory, yum! Plus, I always have these ingredients on hand so they are perfect to pop out in just a few minutes.
Here is Sweetpea with her completed Saint Valentine's Day crossword puzzle that I printed off from the Shower of Roses blog as well. That Mom, Jessica, is so amazingly talented and shares so much with other homeschoolers. This puzzle goes with the St. Valentine book by Robert Sabuda. A very pretty book indeed.
We enjoyed our normal dinner from our Meal Plan Menu, but enjoyed reading all our Valentines from each other and then enjoyed some special chocolate treats I had picked up at the pharmacy while out running errands. The kids were thrilled with their goodies and I was happy that we still had time for a mid-week feast day celebration.

St. Valentine, Patron of Romantic Love, Pray for Us!

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