Monday, October 8, 2012

It's gonna be a l-o-n-g week...

Bill left for Boston early this morning, and I got up on 5 hrs sleep to get the kids up and ready for school. I am so excited that Friday is there last day of school. I am so sick and tired of being beholden to a school's schedule. I am now spending 90 minutes a day just on drop-offs and pick-ups alone - that doesn't include the 90 minutes of homework help for 3 kids, or the 2 hrs of volunteering I did today.

I'm in the middle of a severe Crohn's flare up and I have been pretty miserable (and miserable to be with) for the last week. On Wednesday I get my Remicade and I hope it kicks in really fast. 

I have almost everything ordered and set up for our Anniversary party on Friday night. The Moroccan theme has come together nicely I think. Now I just have to get the house cleaned up in the next 2 days so I can start decorating and get things set up.

Bill gets home from his trip on Wednesday night. Babysitter went home early sick today. Sweetpea got braces on today so she is extra sensitive and needy tonight. Baby M was a champ as always.

Elizabeth Foss is hosting a blog round up of 31 days of writing on just one topic. The only thing I would want to write about for 31 days right now would be how not to scream at your kids when you're feeling horrible and everyone is stressed out about moving in 1 week. Every morning I wake up, resolving not to yell, but by bedtime, I've blown it. Toto just does not seem to respond until I yell at him. I don't know what I am doing wrong with that boy.

So, day 1, a bust. I yelled at him after dinner about not finishing his homework and during his homework. (I'll be so glad when we don't have "homework" next week.) No yelling at any of the other 3, so my odds aren't too bad.

Tomorrow, a fresh start.

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