Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keen Observation Exercise - Week 2 - Bravewriter Class

Keen Observation of a California Mandarin
by O. Jennings, aged 9 1/2

green in the orange
it's a circle
it can roll on the table, not perfectly
top near stem a little bit indented
you can see little dots all over the skin

feels like an orange
not perfectly smooth
the dots aren't very deep so they aren't very easy to feel
can feel the ridges on the top
the stem is pointier than the ridges are

Smell (limited due to sinus congestion)
smells clean and fresh
smells like sunshine

makes a thumping noise on the table
clanking sound in the rice maker
on floor, still makes a thumping sound
much softer thumping sound on the carpet

skin: tastes bitter, it's hard
section of fruit: juicy, sweet, have to chew because of the pulp, but not hard (but not chewy). Not chewy like a Milky way candy bar is chewy
flavor stays in your mouth
it's like acid so it stays in your mouth longer
like lemons, except lemons are sour
This orange makes me want more
there are no seeds to try in a mandarin. Oops, found four seeds! I was surprised.
Seed: inside is really bitter, doesn't taste good at all
similar texture to a pumpkin seed
very hard to crack open, not flat like an apple seed

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