Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Really Happened - March 17th - St Patrick's Day Edition


Bill leaves for Boston He did
Sweetpea to catch up on Little Flowers Mostly
Toto to do math test Yes, got a 95%
Sweetpea to GOTR and Toto to 1st Little League game in full uniform Made it to both, a little late picking her up 
Gordo to 1st day at Kindergarden after care program Yes!
Open entire pile of mail Yes! Not paid, but opened. Woo too!

Vision Therapy Yes
Math Tutor & chess class Yes
Sweetpea Softball practice Yes
Finish Science lap book Yes, except for photos which I couldn't do because they're on my phone and something happened to my phone because it knew my husband was out of town for a week
Read next bit of American History  Nope.
Do next bit of Michaelangelo Picture Study Nope
Pray for conclave, post Cardinal locket photo Yes
Place Origami Owl order for two lockets plus re-stock inventory Nope, never got done, too tired or distracted.

Sweetpea to catch up on Bravewriter class assignments Only caught up one week, had a tantrum when I asked her to do #2 :(
OLOP Mass & Activity Yes, found out about new Pope just as were heading over. Over the moon! Facebooking, blogging, emailing people, just too excited.
Toto Little League - snack shack shift? Game yes, snack shack shift no, so I got to watch the game
Meet with Homeschool Mom about group newsletter Yes

Vision Therapy Yes
Science Tutor Yes
Do 5 a day math Nope, but Sweetpea did workbook at lunch
Sweetpea special trip to visit old 3rd grade classroom Yes
Cantabile choir practice Yes
Order black t-shirt for Cantabile missing from last week Eek
I finally took the minivan in to fix the busted side mirror and do yearly maintenance. Yes - $ 1800 poorer now
I bought a really cool used play fort for the kids for about 80% off the new retail price. It comes in pieces next week, to be assembled once the cabana is done

Gordo needs to pack lunch & homework for After School Kinder Yes, but found out they don't do homework on Fridays
Actually look at mail and pay some bills Only looked at them
Baseball & softball I'm sure Baseball yes, but she had GOTR not softball, I figure it out in time and got her to the right place
Bill returns from Boston. Yes he did, and he saw the end of Toto's game and picked Gordo up with me at Kinder program
Contractor never called to let me know if we got the permit

Baseball & softball I'm sure No baseball, Softball game yes
Boys had a birthday party, bought gift card on the way there
Went grocery shopping
Sweetpea has a St. Patrick's Day party to go to Yes, and they said she could sleep over
Bill took all three boys to Jump Sky High so I could take a nap

Go to new parish as a family St. Lucy's - a new Pope to pray for!
We have a surprise birthday dinner for a friend - need to get a sitter Done
Forgot about Boys rugby match
Forgot about Sweetpea's Softball practice
Need to still wrap birthday present for my friend, guess what she's getting? ha ha ha A locket!

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