Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Origami Owl Lockets - Back in Business

After a crazy month and a half of new software, a new catalog, a new hostess rewards program, and the Mother's Day & Graduation rush, it seems like things are finally starting to normalize back at the Nest.

I have started taking orders again and hope to put together some more pretty lockets this summer. Please let me know if you need ideas or help putting something together. Or, if you're the independent sort, just head on over to and order as you like.

For great pictures of a locket I put together for Jessica over at Shower of Roses, check out Jessica's beautiful pictures and prose about the locket I sent her a few weeks ago:

I had asked her not to say anything about the locket until things were moving again at the Nest because I didn't want to take orders I wouldn't be able to fill in a timely manner. {Now you understand why I went radio-silent for a few weeks there.}

I so appreciate all the homeschooling inspiration Jessica has provided to me over the years and it was my great pleasure to put this together for her. She was very sweet to give me a list of her favorite charms and just let me go with my idea. 

And now that it's hers, she can change it up whenever she wants!

I hope you'll take a moment to check out my website...

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  1. I read Jessica's post. Just beautiful. I love her locket!!

    Thanks so much for your comment- one of the nicest ever! I'll be back blogging this week (hopefully!). May was/is a crazy month!

    I'll also check out your locket site. :)


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