Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today was another long day at the oncologist's office. My body seems to be developing MORE of a sensitivity to the Remicade as time goes on, not less. Bizarre. I start getting allergy symptoms as soon as she cranks it on high and she has to stop, give me Benadryl, and start up again slowly. I was very bored and very hungry today. I read every magazine (not about cancer) that they had in the lobby. Then I posted notes complaining how bored I was on Facebook. Then I started pinning things on Pinterest with my iPhone (great time from a Facebook friend). 

Finally, after about 5 hours, I was finally free and I was so darn happy I took a picture of my ARM after they took the IV out. 

I've never done *that* before in over 6 years of taking Remicade. I know I don't have any other real feasible options for my Crohn's right now, but I sure am sick of the Remicade. 

Hopefully, I will start to feel better soon and will get some energy back. Gotta lay low for a few more days.

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