Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art/Picture Study

My favorite new curriculum choice are the Picture study packets available from Simply Charlotte Mason. We bought 3 for the year, and started with Giotto. I love the fact that I can just sit down at the table and start teaching directly from the beautiful materials they provide. The color reproductions of the paintings are gorgeous! I also like having a little portfolio to store them in. We started our 1st picture study of the year with the Dormition of Mary, since we had celebrated the Dormition/Assumption of Mary on August 15th with a special craft from the Orthodox Christian supply Mom. (I've got to find that store again, she has beautiful things that can easily be used by Roman/Eastern Catholic families)

The kids were able to remember a lot of the details from the painting, even the 5 year old. What an easy way to get our 15 minutes of Picture Study in every week. Thank you, Simply Charlotte Mason! 

The only thing I added was I got a couple of books about Giotto out of the library for Sweetpea to read for additional information. {The portfolio comes with a bibliography of additional resources that are COMPLETELY optional.} I was surprised my library had, or was able to borrow for me, everything I wanted. It really is a great blessing to live in a town with a fantastic library.

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