Monday, September 19, 2011

Train Days

This weekend we enjoyed two days of model trains at our local history museum. Since Mr. J volunteered to help at the event, we were there for most of the weekend. Blondie here couldn't get enough of the trains, the kids coloring table, and getting a chance to hang out with Dad so much.

Here the 3 kids are sharing a Hawaiian shaved ice at the Train Days event. This is the first year they've added on a food court, and it was a big hit. Though at 
$ 4 for a shaved ice, the price was pretty steep. I am lucky I have kids that know how to share.

Sweetpea really wanted some face painting, but the face painting lady had already gone home for the day. So I asked one of the volunteers if I could use the face painting supplies, and this is what I came up with really quick. It turned out very cute and she loved that it fit the theme. I loved that we didn't have to pay for it!

Mr. J ended up sleeping over to guard the model train set ups - he was "security" - along with another train enthusiast, and we went back with him the next day to get our fill of model trains.
We have two sets at home, a large garden size one and a smaller inside version. Both sets are in the very beginning planning stages, but I am hoping that this is something that the kids and Mr. J can work on together for many years as a homeschool enrichment activity.

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