Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Home Ec Wednesdays

Life is so much better when you know what's for dinner by 10 am! Monday we had the 2 lb meatloaf we made and froze after our last Costco trip. Tuesday we had the chicken cacciatore I had made a double batch of two weeks ago. And tonight it was rice and beans after we got home late after serving dinner at the Fisher House. Tomorrow night it's going to be a frozen lasagna night since we'll be baking in the afternoon, and I need to pick up fish for Friday night.

I even had time to try a new recipe today at lunch. I made cauliflower "hash browns" with shredded cauliflower and grated cheddar cheese. All 3 kids gave it a thumbs up, even Toto who, like me, really doesn't like cauliflower.

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