Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a weird day

The day started strangely. There was a shooting at a cement plant near our home, and the shooter was on foot through neighborhoods I travel through often. The kids went to their homeschool enrichment class as normal, but the school was definitely on high alert.  The teacher allowed Blondie to try out the class - even though he is only 5 years old - and he did great. They weren't allowed to go outside for recess because of the shooter that was on the loose.

After homeschool playgroup we made it over to Bumble Cafe for Mommy to get a little break. Then there were tears when I said it was time to go home and that there was no time for hot chocolate at the cafe. We finally made it home and I made them hot cocoa while preparing the garlic bread for the dinner at the Fisher House. They pulled it together and helped out quite a bit with the dinner. Their Children of the American Revolution [CAR] chapter put on a lasagna dinner for the families staying at the Fisher House at our local VA Hospital. The Fisher House had a very nice, homey feel to it, and the dinner guests were very appreciative of the kids' efforts and surprisingly upbeat considering many were there with soldiers who were in difficult rehab situations.

While there, I learned that Steve Jobs had died. It's weird, because I had just been telling a reporter a couple of days ago that Los Altos should try to get his parents' garage on the National Register of Historic Places. I did not know at the time that Steve Jobs had actually demolished a historic mansion in Woodside. 

As I get older, I learn over and over that there are good and bad parts to all people. All these different facets make up a whole person - and that if you only get to know one side of them it completely distorts who they really are. 

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