Saturday, October 22, 2011

Indian Summer Swimming

We spent a few hours driving to two different pumpkin patches today and finally decided it was too hot to be in the middle of an open field with no hats or sunscreen on. We ended up going to the supermarket to buy sunscreen and water and found a great 2 large pumpkins for $ 6 deal. So we bought our 4 pumpkins there.

After we got home, the kids decided it was hot enough to go swimming, so they got one more day of swimming in this season. The water was very cold since the heater had been turned off last month, but they enjoyed jumping in and splashing around anyway.

Baby M was a good sport throughout the whole day, and is now taking a well-deserved disco nap. We plan to visit Toto's padrinos tomorrow after Mass so they can finally meet Baby M. A nice low-key weekend en familia.

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  1. Hey Tricia- commenting back about breakfast reading. When the boys were little- James was probably the same age as your youngest- it was tricky. It took some perseverance to get the habit down. I had to make breakfast being sure that everyone had everything that they needed *and* serve it all at one time, and then I would read. It sounds complicated, but as the boys have gotten older, they usually make breakfast, and if one needs something, they can quietly get it. It was well worth it, but it did take a while to master the moment! :)

    I also used to do a lunch picture book session. I would not tackle both at the same time though.


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