Friday, December 2, 2011

The Anti-Advent/Christmas Planning Blog

It's not because I don't love Advent (because I do) and not because I don't love Christmas (because I do) - but all this Grandma drama has made me realize that at the end of my life I'm going to need my family and more money, but not another stupid gift. I'm going to spend less money on Christmas this year and more time with family. And I mean less on all of Christmas, the lights, the baking, the cooking, the decorations, the wrapping paper, the gifts for every random person I come across, etc.

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  1. The whole thing can get out of control! Spending time with Grandma, visiting the nativity, and enjoying the RP get together are certainly all good ways to keep the season well. My problem is that I always want to be an advent/Christmas overachiever, but I have just never had the energy! Your perspective makes me think that is not all bad.


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