Monday, December 19, 2011

There are so many good people in the world

First, the baby slept 11 1/2 hrs last night. Alleluia!

Bill was at the hospital before 8 am today and got to talk to the neurologist in charge directly. He is still optimistic about Ann's recovery, said that with physical therapy and speech therapy she could still recover some more cognitive ability.

She was able to sit up in her chair and eat oatmeal today, so that is an improvement. When the nurse asked her if she wanted breakfast, she answered "love to." Even though her speech was slurred, it does show her personality is returning.

On my way to Canyon House this morning to pick up her things, I managed to lose my credit card at the gas station. Too distracted, I guess. The folks at Canyon House were all very concerned about Ann, she made quite an impression on them all with her funny southern sayings. They miss her and wish her a speedy recovery as well. She has been there about a month and we still haven't paid them a dime. I finally had to ask them today to send me a bill. 

On the way back home, someone called to tell me they had found my credit card at the gas station. I have no idea how they found my phone number, but they did! Thank you, Maria! 

I was already on my way to IKEA to buy a crib for Baby M., so I went ahead and tried to buy what I needed. Of course, the mattress cost almost as much as the crib, so I was only able to buy the crib today. It is a disaster in there. No sales people to help get the boxes down or into the car, long lines, surly people. Just yuck!

I got to Maria's office and picked up my credit card and then made it home in the nick of time before Coach had to leave, so Sweetpea and I had just 30 minutes to do an emergency food run to Whole Foods. Everyone there is so helpful and pleasant, it's always a nice shopping experience, though way too expensive. We got enough to eat for the next 2 weeks, so we can hunker down if we have to.

I got a really nice email from a Mom in my homeschooler's group. Her Mom died from Alzheimer's about 2 weeks ago and the funeral was yesterday. She said the last year it was just in and out of the hospital for an assortment of things. Sounds a lot like Ann. Her father is still living, but after 67 years of marriage, I can't imagine he's adjusting too well. I really wish I could take her over a casserole, or some stocking stuffers for her kids. Like me, she hasn't had any time to prepare for Christmas and is worried about her girls. It was thoughtful of her to send me an email to let me know she was praying for us when she has so many worries going on in her own life right now.

The Clark pest control guy came this afternoon and when I told him we found a wasp's nest in the attic yesterday - he went up into the attic and destroyed it for me. 

Best news of the day: Our first choice skilled nursing facility accepted Ann for at least her 20 days post-op period on Medicare. Yeah! If she had $ 100 k more, she'd be automatically we just have to cross our fingers and hope that we can convince them to keep her long term. Way to go, Bill. It requires more paperwork than applying to college apparently, but he's slogging his way through it.

Ann (and her late husband Bill) did so much over the years for Boy Scouting, Native American crafts, and both of their Episcopal churches, that if each person that she's touched over the years would send a donation to her (potential) retirement home, I bet they'd take her in a minute because they would see that we are serious about fundraising for them. Luckily, they are a non-profit, so general donations to them are tax-deductible. I hope I can convince at least some of her friends to send donations instead of unneeded Christmas gifts this year. The truth is, she doesn't need any more things. Eventually, they'll end up at Good Will because our house is already filled to the rafters with stuff. This talented mother in law of mine embroidered kneelers for two Episcopal churches - if everyone whose knees have used those beautiful kneelers could help her now when she is most vulnerable they would truly be doing some good this Christmas.  

I had to say no when Phi Mu Foundation asked for a donation today. Sad to say, but we can't afford it this year. The farm default is going through this month, so we'll be starting 2012 with one less debt and one less worry. The timing on all of this is terrible. Bill is literally on the phone all day either dealing with nursing homes or foreclosure paperwork. It does not make for a very Merry Christmas. But at least all 4 kids are healthy and happy for now. When they wake up on Christmas and see what Santa didn't bring them this year....that may be a different story. [At least I don't have to worry about them growing up spoiled in Silicon Valley.] We are actually lucky that the lenders on the farm are letting us do the default quickly without dragging it out into next year. It will save them some money, and us a lot more heartache. Our realtor has been busting his butt to try to sell the farm, but nothing has come of it. Times are hard all around, and we have definitely been spared much heavier burdens.

I read a beautiful comment today about how caring for an ill, elderly parent is like carrying a very heavy cross. My job is to be like Simeon and to just help Bill carry it for a little while.

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