Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby M is 6 months old today!

I finally got him a crib at IKEA yesterday, and with his hand me down mattress, it is looking really cute. I just need a wrench to tighten off the last bolts and he should be able to sleep in it tonight. I got 3 sheets as gifts/hand me downs, so he is set there as well. Then we can hang him up the mobile that the kids and I made him out of some fall leaves too.

Bill called to let me know that Grandma Ann is in transit via non-emergncy ambulance to Sunny View retirement center. The neurologist said it will be a few weeks before we now the full extent of her cognitive recovery. Right now her speech is slurred, so only Bill can understand her, but she is trying to communicate which is a very good sign. Before the surgery she was not even trying anymore.

I need to go to the store one more time this week to make sure I have dinner for the weekend set. We have no plans as my Mom didn't want to have us come over for dinner at her house on Christmas Day, and we couldn't come up on Christmas Eve because we wanted to see Grandma Ann and go to Mass down here. So, her loss, she won't get to see her grandkids unless she comes down on Christmas Day now. I don't have the energy to deal with her drama. Narcissists are so draining. Amazing how Grandma Ann is the one who just had brain surgery, but other people want to make it about them. 

Next on the list, Bill and I both need to lose 40 lbs. We don't want to put our kids through health dramas, so we need to take better care of ourselves. 

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  1. So glad you got a crib. 6 months! Wow!

    Praying that your family has a memorable and peaceful Christmas.


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