Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First day at new school

Well, I did it. Today the two big kids started at public school for the first time ever. There have been a lot of tears and tantrums around here lately as we prepared for the big day. Toto is afraid of the work load he will be expected tp keep up with. Sweetpea is worried about everything else.

I am praying they have a smooth transition and that academically they are doing okay and are where they need to be. I don't want to give homeschoolers a bad rap! :0

The kids know this is only temporary, it's not for the next 10 years or anything. But it still feels so huge to them and to me. For now, we plan to finish out this school year and do one more year 2012-2013 to give me time to get our house and life back in order and dig out of the mess we're in.

If it weren't for Gordo being home with me for kindergarden all day I don't know what I'd do with myself. I am getting a bit bored, actually, and it's only been a couple of hours so far.

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