Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank God for Everything

Thank God the kids' transition to public school has gone so well. They're at a relatively small school, for our area anyway, about 200 kids in K-6. They knew a couple of kids from the neighborhood and our goddaughter also attends there so they do see a few friendly faces each day. They have adusted beautifull to the new morning routine and are not even giving me too much trouble with the after school homework routine.

Sweetpea is loving the increased structure to her day, something I was never able to give her at home over the last year. Academically, she is right on target. She likes her teacher very much, and she has been invited to have some playdates already. She has a brand new teacher, so they are both finding their way together.

Toto is not loving the increased structure to his day, but he loves his teacher very much and is benefitting from some positive peer pressure to get off his butt and learn to read and do his math work! (something I could never seem to get him to do at home). He's had some playdates, but the social part is, surprisingly, a little more difficult for him. There has been a little hazing and exclusionary behavior among the first grade boys, though he does seem to be getting settled in. He is up early every day and we haven't been late to school a single time. (my biggest worrry, frankly.) His teacher adores him and is very happy with his participation and effort. She said she had been worried about getting a homeschooler in her class because "you never know what you are going to get." But she said he has had the best mid-year transition, ever. And since she has been teaching for a long time, that is quite a compliment. So I guess I didn't give homeschoolers a bad reputation after all!

I am having a much harder time at home without them to tell the truth. I miss having them home during the good part of the day. Now I only have them from 4 to 8 pm, which is the cranky part of the day for all my kids, especially the baby right now who is working on 5 teeth and rocking back and forth ready to crawl any day now.

I'm not getting as much organizing work done as I had hoped, though Gordo and I have been having more time for homeschool letter and math games which he does enjoy very much.

Grandma Ann is doing significantly better. Talking much more and able to follow simple conversations again. This weekend we will go to my Mom's house to celebrate her 77th birthday. We are so lucky she is in good health. Amazingly, my mother in law is less than a year older than her but she might as well be 20 years older given her poor health. If I could smoosh the two of them together and have my Mom's good physical health with my mother in law's kind personality, my kids would have the perfect grandmother.

I'm thankful the kids are getting to know both of their grandmothers, something I never had growing up. And I'm grateful the school transition is going so well. That is one less worry on my mind.

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