Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keeping the Faith

I have to become much more focused with the children's catechisis and our liturgical celebrations  given how much less time we have together now that we're beholden to a typical daily school schedule. I've been relying a bit too much on Saint coloring sheets I'm afraid.

Sweetpea has been noticing the "catholic" things in public school much to my amusement. Her first week, her class had a field trip to Sacred Heart Community Services to sort food for the homeless. She asked me quizically, "But Mom, I thought you weren't allowed to discuss God and Jesus at public school." "Well, yes, generally speaking,"
I answered. "Then why are they taking us to Sacred Heart? Don't they know that's a Catholic charity named after the Sacred Heart of Jesus?"  I guess maybe they don't. :) She also wanted to know why they were gearing up for such a big St Valentine's Day celebration if they weren't supposed to talk about Saints. Wait till she gets to St. Patrick's Day!

Toto celebrated his First Confession last week. He was very nervous to go, but once there, he was the first in line for Confession. Bill and I went for confession that night also. I really wish we would go more often. It makes me crazy that the confession lines at my church our non-existent, but the lines for Communion are all they way to the back of the church. I think, Really?, none of you has sinned? I just don't believe it. I can't get through a month without something to confess it seems, and I'm a pretty good girl. In any event, it's not my problem to solve, I have to leave God in charge of that.

Olivia is continuing with her Little Flowers Girls Club monthly meetings and that will help a lot. I hope I can sign her up for some Catholic girls summer camps as well to keep her connected to our homeschooling community for when she returns full-time. It feels like we are part-timers now.

I can't imagine not having them involved with the great group of kids we've met there. I don't know how orthodox catholics manage to stay faithful if they are not homeschoolers. I find it very challenging. Most all of the information I learn about orthodox faith matters in my area comes through our homeschooling yahoo email list. Without that, I'd be lost I think.

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