Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Backyard Blackberry Tarts

Sweetpea, her brothers, and the neighbor girls were having their first Nature's Helpers Club meeting of the new school year, and she came back into the house with blackberries they had all just picked and she asked to make blackberry tarts.

Out of the fridge came the refrigerated pie crust dough, a round biscuit cutter was found, we washed the blackberries quickly, swirled with 1 T. of apricot jam, decorated with little heart cut-outs, she crimped the sides with her fingers, placed into the oven, and minutes later the 5 members were enjoying fresh blackberry tarts. She was so proud to share them with her friends.

The members are wearing the club t-shirts we made last weekend with leaves from the Pistache tree by the driveway and sprayed on bleach. They turned out cute and makes the club feel much more official. Our three big kids were the founding members, then came two more neighbor girls, and since we each have new babies less than 2 years old, we have 2 junior members who like to hang around sometimes too. We will miss our Nature's Helpers Club friends, but know that they will keep the club traditions alive for future generations.

Photo credit: Mary Heffernan  Club Name Credit: Olivia Jennings copyright 2012

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