Friday, October 12, 2012

Preparing for a Moroccan Feast

The linen rental place delivered the glassware and napkins and plates Thursday afternoon.

 I started slowly putting pillows and cushions around the living room and family room to create little seating areas throughout the house.
 These little tables I borrowed from the boys' rooms, they are just little IKEA tables that they usually use for Lego.

The small stools and benches I purchased last week at the Home Goods store.
 Here is a busy shot of all the serving ware I bought at the Home Goods store last week for the party, mixed in with things we already owned and our wedding china. I convinced myself that purchasing all the brightly colored serving ware was worth it because I could use it for Moroccan, Indian, Spanish, and Mexican themed dinners.
 I wanted to serve traditional Moroccan tea after dinner, but I could not find a rental source for the traditional tea glasses of Morocco, so the rental place just brought me flat bottomed coffee cups so we did not need to fuss with saucers.
 This is just one of several beautiful floral arrangements that my friend Jim made for me on Thursday afternoon. Ron buys the flowers, and Jim works his magic. He was out in the backyard spraypainting things orange so it would go with my Moroccan theme.
I found this cute multi-colored Indian looking throw at Home Goods also, and decided to use it as a tablecloth to cover up our very heavy, american west looking coffee table. With the floor cushions around it and Jim's floral arrangement on top, it definitely passed as a Moroccan dining spot.

A few hours later the house started to fill with incredible smells and the sounds of Moroccan Spirit. I will post pictures of the party and the henna artist's handiwork tomorrow. All the ladies got into the spirit and had henna work done on their hands to get in a Moroccan mood. I love how this party theme came together for 1/5 the price of what the event caterer had quoted me!

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