Friday, January 11, 2013

Diving into the New Year

We dove into the new year with some big changes, both figuratively and literally. We finally decided that since we are going to be in Willow Glen for a while, that our blog name should reflect where we live now. So though our blogspot address is still, our new Homeschool name is DryCreekAcademy. 

I also noticed after receiving many Christmas cards from old friends that I have not sent out cards since Dec 2009, which means many friends do not know that we had a 4th baby, or moved my mother in law out to California from Mississippi, or that there was a chance we might move to China, Argentina, or Colorado, or that we decided to stay in Willow Glen for the next few years, or knew that we added a 120 female Mastiff named Riley to our family. 

So, forgive me for repeating this for some of you who are up to date, and please forgive me for the other friends who haven't had a TeamJennings update in several years. I found the baby announcements I had printed in June 2011 but had never sent, which explains a lot about how it's been going around here.

Our 4th baby is 18 months old now, and the apple of everyone's eye, my mother in law has surpassed everyone's dire predictions and has been living contentedly in California for 14 months and counting; and we have settled into a large ranch style home in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose. I feel like I finally have the "California lifestyle" my Dad promised us when he moved us out from Jersey 31 years ago - a big, wide ranch with a large flat yard and a pool all my own. It even has a cabana. I've always wanted a cabana!

One of the fringe benefits of having a great realtor help you sell your house, is sometimes you make a new friend in the deal. The realtor who sold our apple farm back in 2011, and also sold our historic home in 2012, is now a dear and generous friend. For Christmas, he gave each of the big kids a gif certificate for sky diving at ifly in Union City. Today was the day the kids got to use the gift certificates.  I told them I would eventually work this into a Homeschool science lesson, but for today they just enjoyed the coolness factor. 

Ron (our realtor) suited up and sat in the tube with them to keep them calm, even though he was not flying today, and Bill surprised us by coming over on his lunch hour and flying with the kids. They were thrilled that Daddy joined them for a homeschool field trip mid-week. He has been working till 8 pm most nights lately, so it was a rare treat to see him during daylight hours.

Getting ready to suit up.

Toto, ever the daredevil, was willing to go first, until Daddy showed up and decided that Daddy should go first.

Gordo was the most nervous, but put on a brave face and was up to the challenge. He's never wanted to be left behind of the big kids. Even as a toddler, he was always the first one at the door with shoes and coat on pointing "go, go!"

And here's Sweetpea with her perfect diving posture. The instructor said the girls always do the best in the tube because they listen best to directions! She looked like a natural in there.

They are already asking when can they go again, and how soon till they can jump out of a real airplane. Two years for ifly, they have to be 18 to jump out of a plane. Seems fair.

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