Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tea and Poetry

And traditional Willow Glen Burnt Almond Cake and Pecan Pie from Texas...

So we finally had tea and treats this afternoon while I read the children some poetry.

Sweetpea has been writing a lot of poetry lately, but Toto has not been willing to try. So today I helped him brainstorm and write one about one of his favorite things, his baby brother. It is aptly titled: He's My Brother.

The video is only enhanced by the little bum bouncing up and down in rthyhm with the poem.

Here's the transcript of the poem in case you can't hear Toto's voice over all the noise:

He's My Brother, by W. Jennings

I love my Markie
cute little and loud

With silky soft hair and
eyes warm like hot cocoa
on a cold day

I love my Markie
funny squeezable and hilarious
and oh-so-good at snuggling

I love my Markie
he likes to play ball

Just like me.


Sweetpea ran off and came back with this poem about Fruit

Fruit, by O. Jennings

I see it on the breakfast table every single day, and oh, 
when I bite into it all my troubles melt away.

My mother says its good for you, my brother says it's gross,
but I think it's delicious no matter what my brother thinks he knows.

My father likes the pomegranate,
My sister loves the apple

but what I like is just a great big bowl of grapes!


Gordo was not getting into the poetry writing at all. After much prodding and cajoling, this is the best he could come up with:

Things I Hate

I hate monsters and computer limits
and when my sister uses it to play hotdoggeria.


Tomorrow I get to serve as the Prompter during our Homeschool's Teen Poetry Recitation Competition. Exciting!

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