Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 3 weeks in a row

--- 1 ---
The whole new spring sports schedule is driving me pretty much insane. I think that rugby, baseball, basketball, Girls on the Run, and softball all in the same week may have pushed us all over the edge. Toto is loving it, but Sweetpea is physically exhausted and had a relapse of her cold. She is resting for a couple of days to get ready for the Cantabile Choir performance on Saturday. She has decided that next year she is going to pick only one sport because she is too busy for a nine year old. Why is she always smarter than me? 
On Monday I completely forgot about a baseball practice until the Team Mom sent out an email about just 15 minutes before it started, and then on Tuesday I thought there was a game at 5 pm - but there wasn't. I've really got to get on top of that whole write-crap-down-on-the-calendar-and-then-look-at-the-calendar-each-morning-while-I'm-drinking-my-morning-coffee-thing. Apparently, it doesn't work otherwise.
--- 2 ---
On Monday, my sorority celebrated 161 years of sisterhood. I never thought I'd join a sorority, and I certainly don't fit the typical sorority mold, but I'm really glad that they took a chance on me and that I decided to pledge in college. It's been interesting and challenging and I've been enjoying being an active Alumna. I love the women I've met over the years, and that I still continue to meet. I think there is more to Panhellenic groups than most people give them credit for. I still haven't reconciled being in a sorority with being a Catholic, but it's something I continue to think about so I will be prepared with an answer when my daughter gets to college and asks if she can go through Rush(well, they call it Recruitment now, but you know what I mean.)
--- 3 ---
I really need to find some new doctors near our new house. It is getting to be too much to drive back and forth up to the old neighborhood to see the pediatrician and the ob/gyn and dentist and orthodontist and allergist and oncologist and get the picture. It takes a whole team of professionals to keep me running and it's just too much driving on this old chassis. 
--- 4 ---
This hasn't been a very good school week in traditional terms. We haven't done anything I can "see" and since I'm still new to this whole Catholic Unschooling thing it is hard to remember I don't always have to have something in writing to show for our efforts. 

The kids have been reading a lot and been read to a lot and we've had many, many good conversations over the last few days so I know they've been thinking and figuring and synthesizing lots of new ideas. 

If it weren't for the Catholic unschooling yahoo group I'm in I would probably be having panic attacks about it every day. Hearing from Moms who have been doing it for years, and now have kids in college, helps to tamp down the anxiety level quite a bit.

--- 5 ---
We were able to go on a field trip to the San Francisco Ballet this morning. When I pulled up in front of the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House I just about flipped out when I saw all the school buses and about a gazillion kids swarming about. Luckily, the field trip organizer stayed outside to meet us and we made it to our seats on time. I was really proud of how the children did during the performance - especially the boys. 

There weren't many six to eight year old boys in the audience and mine were exemplary, if I do say so myself. :) They seemed to get a lot out of the performance and Gordo asked lots of good questions and had some interesting insights into the performance. They did three pieces, a classic and two modern styles. I must admit, I'm a classic girl. If I want to see trendy, American style dance, I go see Alvin Ailey, not the San Francisco Ballet. I'm not sure why they can't just let the ballet be ballet. People love classics because they are classics, and they are classics because people love them

--- 6 ---
My husband had a cracked filling fixed today so I'm hoping he will be getting back to his normal helpful help soon. He's been a bit of a cranky pants lately and I know it's because he was hurting. He really needs to bring his A game to the table this weekend because we are going to be running ragged with two opening games, a choir concert, two different sports team picture days, and an end of season basketball game and possible party.
--- 7 ---
Oh, and did I mention? I started my second round of antibiotics for this blasted cough/cold/fever/ sinus infection. We are going on week 5 at our house. Bleh! The only good thing is that the kids are basically over it, they just have the cough, so at least I can get a little more rest during the day. Our nanny will be out tomorrow because it's the death anniversary of her Mom and they are having a Mass said and praying a rosary graveside. So the kids better be good, because I don't have the energy to do a lot of disciplining. Instead of discipling it would probably just be a lot of yelling. Pray for me!

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