Friday, March 8, 2013

A Giveaway: Otter and Odder, A Love Story

Don't you just love otters? 

If I could come back as an animal, I think the life of an otter just couldn't be beat, frolicking in the ocean, always up for a good time.

In honor of the new, live interactive play - Otter the Potter - now showing at our local(and favorite) Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose, I am giving away a copy of Otter and Odder, A Love Story by James Howe and Illustrated by Chris Raschka.
Giveaway Day
Of course, the Otter exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is already a favorite stop on any Homeschool field trip to the aquarium.

Why not celebrate the unlikely love story that unfolds in James Howe's beautifully illustrated Otter and Odder before your next trip to the Museum or Aquarium?

Please comment or "like" to participate, and I'll announce the winner on Wednesday night. Giveaway ends Wednesday 6pm


  1. Of course we have seen the otter exhibit. It is one of our favorite things at the aquarium, but everything there is fantastic. :)

  2. This looks adorable! The illustrated cover is so cute :). Thanks for the give away, im game!

  3. Yes. We saw the exhibit on the way to your wedding. Now, it is a bit far to travel; our closest aquarium is in Chattanooga and is part of a great museum complex.

  4. THANK YOU!!! What a great surprise to come home to 8-}


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