Sunday, March 24, 2013

End of the Week Review/What Really Happened

March 18th through 24th was a blur. I ran a lot of errands on Tuesday and started to get a bit over-confident. I started having Crohn's symptoms on Tuesday night and was up most of the night back and forth to the bathroom. Wednesday was pretty much a train wreck because I was so tired I was barely functioning. 

What did get done

I got the kids to most of their activities during the week, sometimes even on time and to the right ones.
Everyone ate three meals a day, vegetables and fruits each day.
The construction permit was issued and demolition on the cabana began.
Made it to both vision therapy appointments.
I got a guest blogger to write on the blog for Thursday. 
On Thursday night I made it to a talk at a friend's house on "The Method" a guided meditation for use during the Mass.
On Friday night, I drove up to San Francisco to have dinner with a friend who was here from Houston for a conference. It was great to see her, but two late nights out may have been my undoing.
Saturday we were up early for baseball/softball games, and I had to take a nap at midday.
Saturday night we drove up to my parents house for a visit and went out for an Italian dinner. We hadn't seen them in 7 weeks just because of the crazy sports schedules.
By Saturday night, Toto was getting sick again. :(
By Sunday morning, so were Gordo and Sweetpea. The big boys skipped rugby to stay home and rest. Sweetpea rallied for an hour to get her softball team pictures taken Sunday afternoon.
By Sunday night, Bill and I were fatigued and sick as well. Bill was kind enough to go get Pho for dinner and buy milk and bread because we had run out.
No one made it to Mass on Palm Sunday. :( I don't think I've missed a Palm Sunday Mass in 15 years. 
After eating the Pho soup, we made the kids go to bed early and collapsed on the couch. 
Waiting till Monday morning when we can "relax" - him at his office and me with a nanny here to help.

Only the baby is still well. I can't believe we are all sick again. I just finished 4 weeks of antibiotics on March 17th.
At least on Tuesday I get my Remicade infusion so my intestines will start to calm down again.
I think I'm going to send out invitations to my Pity poor me party.

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