Monday, March 25, 2013

Follow Me Monday: Sweetpea

I asked Angela (an on-line friend I met through a Catholic unschooling group) if I could link up to her blog post series that she calls "Follow Me Monday" and she said yes! Her oldest daughter created the buttons that she's now making available for others to link up with. I like the idea of "Follow Me Monday" because it gives a glimpse into a homeschooler's day through pictures and short captions, and it will let me focus on one child at a time, even if it's just one day a month. I told the kids I'd pick a different one of them each week.

I started today with Sweetpea and she thought I was rather silly following her around taking pictures of her reading in different rooms. It was a low-key, low-energy day for all of us, so there was a lot of reading and TV watching going on. I am hoping she will narrate what she did once she sees the pictures and gets the idea that this is her chance to journal on my blog. So without further ado, here is our first official "Follow Me Monday" link-up.
After breakfast she was reading a Betsy & Tacy book.
Then she did a picture study with the boys on Michaelangelo. We are still working through the Simply Charlotte Mason Artist study packs I bought last year. With all the Papal news, it's been perfect to tie in Michaelangelo and all the Sistine Chapel art with our talks on current events. I *made* her do this, but she got into it quick. If nothing else, they will remember that Michaelangelo is the artist that painted the Sistine Chapel while laying on his back! I had them do watercolor paintings laying down a while back, painting on paper I attached to the underside of a table to get the point across.
She noticed I had put out new books on display in the living room for Holy Week. She skipped over all the Stations of the Cross books and The Three Trees and went for the one about a rabbit named Marshmallow. {of course}
Then back to Betsy & Tacy
After lunch, she found this book on Wildflowers of the Sierras I've had for about 15 years. I don't even know where she found it. Hey, that's Nature Study!
She is working on a whole series of religious themed puzzles from Sunsout for us to use as seasonal decorations. This one of the Three Kings she finished in a day and a half. Sunsout has many beautiful puzzles to pick from, including one shaped liked the state of California that we've already put in the cart for 4th grade California history. We bought a cool new glue backing called Puzzle Presto (instead of regular puzzle glue).
This stuff is fantastic! It peels off like a big sticker. I laid it on the upside down puzzle, overlapping a few pieces to cover the whole puzzle. {I did have to cut a few skinny pieces to get all the way to the edge.} Then I rolled it out with my rolling pin to make sure I got all the air bubbles out. We will leave it to set overnight, but it was pretty solid after just an hour. And the best part, no messy glue dripping everywhere!

Later in the day, she decided to skip her Girls on the Run training because she is fighting the new cold and wants to be well-rested for her softball game on Tuesday night. That was fine with me, since I was congested and tired and wanted to relax anyway. Bill won't be home till almost midnight tonight, so the less driving the better. 

We're having soup every night this week to try to get us all healthy, so she helped make Meatball Soup for dinner, watched some TV with the boys, reviewed some math in preparation for the tutor's visit on Tuesday morning, and took a shower before bed. All in all, a quiet day. She needed one. You can check out the other homeschoolers over at "Follow Me Monday" by visiting Angela's blog at:
Have a blessed Holy Week!

Disclosure of Material Connection: The link to the Puzzle Presto"glue" in this post is an Amazon affiliate link. So if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a commission and be able to save up for a grande cup of coffee.  I only recommend products I personally use or have purchased, and that I believe other homeschooling mothers may be interested in. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s disclosure rules. I know you are smart and would figure it out when you clicked on the link, but since I have just started affiliate links I wanted to make it very clear that this was something new on the blog. Now that I've told all three of my regular readers, I can relax. Amazon should get ready for a big run on Puzzle Presto, just sayin'.

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  1. Thanks for the Disclosure of Material Connection. I am not sure I would have known to report you to the master of rules of this sort if you had broken the rule. You must be full of contradictions--both conforming to rules and a homeschooler.

    Your pictures are cute and give a more complete picture of how you are homeschooling. I don't know the book your daughter is reading though. It must be good.

    Don't feel badly about forcing your daughter to learn some art. I threatened JT about finishing his scout work at the beginning of the week (we are on Spring Break).

    JT will be handing the fire chores for sunrise service on Sunday at church. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer by this weekend. We had snow flurries yesterday.

    I shall be waiting for pictures of the other children.


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