Monday, March 11, 2013

Just another manic Monday & plans for the week

Sorry, I just couldn't resist. 

With the time change, everyone slept in late this morning, and I wasn't complaining. Bill left at 6 am for a flight to Boston and we just kept right on snoozing. Even the baby didn't get up till 8. The boys next and Sweetpea rolled out of bed around 10:30 am. 

Needless to say, the schedule for the week got off to a very bumpy start. I sent Sweetpea out with the Nanny to buy new running shoes this morning before GOTR this afternoon because her old ones had a whole in the toe and this morning, she lost one of the sneakers. Seriously?! The house isn't that big, how do people lose shoes? Kids losing things drives me up the wall. I keep hoping that the more settled in we get the more organized they will get and the less they will lose stuff, but it's just not happening.

Toto took a math test and got a 95% so I know he's on track for his math tutor meeting tomorrow. Gordo packed his lunch and his "homework" - phonics and math worksheets - so he could go to his new kindergarden after school program. I know, I know, we homeschool, so why am I sending him to an after school program. He was getting too bored in the afternoons while the other older two are running around to sports practices/games and he was getting in the bad habit of always playing video games or watching TV unless I was actively engaging with him every.minute.of. So, frankly, I needed a supervised place for him to get some school work done and socialize and meet some kids in our new neighborhood. He wasn't happy about going, but when I picked him up at the end of the day he was beaming. The teacher said he had a fabulous first day. At bedtime, he said he was happier about it than I thought he was. He needed a chance to do something that was just his, and a chance to develop a little bit away from his siblings. So these two afternoons a week for three months will be just the ticket. I'm basically paying for part-time afternoon kindergarden on my own terms and I like it.

Bill leaves for Boston
Sweetpea to catch up on Little Flowers
Toto to do math test
Sweetpea to GOTR and Toto to 1st Little League game in full uniform
Gordo to 1st day at Kindergarden after care program
Open entire pile of mail

Vision Therapy
Math Tutor & chess class
Sweetpea Softball practice
Finish Science lap book
Read next bit of American History 
Do next bit of Michaelangelo Picture Study
Pray for conclave, post Cardinal locket photo
Place Origami Owl order for two lockets plus re-stock inventory

Sweetpea to catch up on Bravewriter class assignments
OLOP Mass & Activity
Toto Little League - snack shack shift? Can't remember
Meet with Homeschool Mom about group newsletter

Vision Therapy
Science Tutor
Do 5 a day math
Sweetpea special trip to visit old 3rd grade classroom
Cantabile choir practice
Order black t-shirt for Cantabile missing from last week

Gordo needs to pack lunch & homework for After School Kinder
Actually look at mail and pay some bills
Baseball & softball I'm sure
Bill returns from Boston.

Baseball & softball I'm sure
Sweetpea has a St. Patrick's Day party to go to

Go to new parish as a family
We have a birthday dinner for a friend - need to get a sitter


  1. Laurie, We've been to so many in our new neighborhood and have traveled as far as OLOP and gone all the way back up to St. Simon. But this past weekend I went with the two older kids to St. Lucky and REALLY liked it a lot. It didn't have everything I was looking for, but it's quite close. And I can overlook many things when there is such a great homilist. Wow! Fr. Kevin Joyce. I heard he was good, but he is GREAT!

  2. I mean St. Lucy, but maybe I was lucky to find it!


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