Sunday, March 10, 2013

What Really Happened

Meeting with architect and contractor to revise Cabana plans to deal with city bureacracy Done
Need to find and press Cantabile Choir uniform for concert Not done till Friday, and never pressed, but done.
Sweetpea has first Girls on the Run meeting, monthly Little Flowers meeting, and softball practice all at the same time She decided that it was most important to make the first GOTR meeting so we said no to the other opportunities
She made the first GOTR meeting and made it to softball late BUT I completely messed up the calendar and forgot about Toto's baseball practice. We made it because Team Mom emailed me.

Toto has Vision Therapy 
Math and Chess tutor here for all three children for 2 hours
Sweetpea - 90 minute softball practice late afternoon
Toto - first Little League scrimmage game of the season, at same time, I will do half & half 
All this got done, but Toto did NOT have a game, so clearly I am losing my mind

Homeschool Playgroup at OLOP, no activity planned-Skipped I needed a stay at home day

Field Trip to see the San Francisco Ballet. Made it,15 min late
Sweetpea Cantabile Choir practice from 5 to 7 pm
Toto Choir practice from 5 to 6 pm Made it to both choirs
Me to chiropractor while they're at practice Done

Toto Vision Therapy Done
Grocery shopping - It's $ 5 Friday at our local Safeway Not done till Sunday night after Mass, remembered coupons

Sweetpea had Cantabile Choir practice from early morning on with a performance in the afternoon at Palo Alto JCC
Toto went to the last Basketball game at Campbell Rec Dept
Bad Mom alert: Bill was at basketball game with Toto and saw him make his FIRST free throw of the season at the last game. I was supposed to pick Sweetpea up by 3 (missing the performance). Bill came home and found me asleep at 2:45!!! He flew out of the house like a bat out of you know where and got to her at 3:15. Luckily, she had my new business card with her and had the Class Mom call me so I knew where she was and she knew we were coming for her, but man, did I feel guilty. I had taken migraine medicine and thought I would sleep, "just a little bit," yeah. right.

I also did not pay a single bill. Eek gads. The pile of paperwork is reaching epic proportions around here. I wish I knew how other homeschool Moms stayed on top of the bills. After all the homeschool paperwork, the last thing I want to do is open & sort mail & pay bills.
I did play one board game with the kids. And Bill did play Risk with them.
Sweetpea did do a lot of math, in the evenings, for fun.
I still don't get the Math on the Level Spreadsheet. :(


  1. Last week was busy too! I never did get the spread either. We just sort of jumped in did things. I wish there was a really nice dvd "how to" that came with it. Still, I enjoyed it. Thanks for the loan. :)

  2. You're so welcome. I love the style of MOTL but the spreadsheet eludes me. A how to DVD is a great idea. I'm glad you and the boys got some good use out of it. Good night, goodness it's late. When my husband's not home I can't sleep!


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