Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mother's Day Lockets

It's time to start thinking about Mother's Day Lockets - for your Mom, for yourself, for Grandma, and for the Moms-to-Be in your life. I have some ideas to share with you here, but there are innumerable combinations we could come up with together. I'd love to help you put together your perfect Locket.

For the sporty Mom who is always volunteering to be Team Mom, you could start her off with a simple locket like this one. Over the years, you could add to her charm collection so she could change them out as she changes styles.

Next is a pretty in pink one for a Mom expecting a baby girl or with a new baby girl. The stamped Mom plate is made here in the US, but this one would also look nice without any plate at all.

This delicate floral look is great for a Mom of many children, and of many interests, because she can use the extension dangle to hang an additional locket to store more charms. The additional rose on the outside makes it even more feminine looking.

Here's a sweet baby boy Locket with a stamped Mom plate.

Know any Moms with twins? The dark blue and pink dangles on the chain play up the blue and pink baby footprints inside the Locket, and the layered stamped plates make this look rich and complex.

Whoooo wouldn't love this cute blessed Mom locket? {And no, you don't have to be an Independent Designer to have this one} The cute little owl charm represents all of our little wise ones who teach us so much about the world every day. The cross and vintage rose complete the look.

Have any of these Lockets piqued your interest? I hope you'll ask me to mail you a catalog or visit my website at There is plenty of time to order directly from the website in time for Mother's Day gift-giving.

Of course, you can reach me on Facebook at as well if you want personalized design help. I am happy to package and ship your Locket from what I have in stock, but if I don't have all the charms & dangles that you want, we will need to leave additional time for the items to arrive to my home, so I can then turn around and mail the completed Locket to you. Plan on about 2 weeks extra time for personalized design, gift wrapping, packaging, and shipping. There is no extra charge for any of this, I just need the extra time, because sometimes life with four children intervenes. 

And some days, like today, my Crohn's just wears me out and I'm in bed at 7:40 pm waiting for the day to end.

Before I forget, I don't have a picture of one to show you right now, but for those whose own Mothers are no longer with us, a lovely Memorial Locket can be made with an "In Memory of" heart and a Mom charm, or you could even put in a small circle black and white photo of Mom's loving face with a charm or two floating in front. 

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