Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Relaxing after Remicade

Ha ha ha. You thought I was relaxing there for a minute, didn't you? 

My Remicade infusion today was rather uneventful, no allergic reaction, although she did have to use my right arm because the veins in my left arm were not cooperating as they usually do. I hate it when the veins roll or crumple and I try to make conversation with the nurse to avoid crying, but it still hurts. By the grace of God this happens very rarely with this nurse.

Because I was congested with a cold and on the border of yet another sinus infection, the nurse loaded me up with Benadryl right at the start. I was passed out cold before the real juice had even hit my veins. I woke up about 3 hours later as she was getting ready to start my saline flush. 

The good news is, I had slept through lunch and wasn't even hungry. The bad news is, I had to get gas in the van on the way home because the light turned orange as soon as I put the key in the ignition, and I grabbed a candy bar instead of a real lunch at the station's snack shop. The nanny had taken the kids out for a long walk so at least the house was quiet when I first got back home. 

I "rested" throughout the late afternoon up until dinner time by: listening to the sweet sound of jack hammers blasting all the aggregate concrete out of my backyard, mopping up 2 inches of water in the guest bath because somebody left the tap open and it flooded over the lip of the sink and onto the floor and about 2 ft into the carpeting of each adjacent bedroom, dropping the nanny and the boys off at a local park, taking Sweetpea to a softball game about 30 minutes away, picking the boys and nanny back up at the park on my way home, organizing the recyclables with the boys in the garage, picking up dog poop in the back bedroom (note to self - don't feed human leftovers to a 120 lb Mastiff), starting the Chicken Noodle Soup, yelling at the boys to turn off the TV and to do their chores, talking the toddler through a tantrum and training the nanny on how to distract him, emailing my husband the address of the softball game so he could bring Sweetpea home, and then finding my bed, finally, at around 6:30 pm so I could rest until the nanny finished up the soup for us and the boys started yelling at me to come for dinner {about 11 minutes later.}

So, yes, thank you God, for a wonderful and caring nanny and a husband who can afford to pay for one, and for the health insurance that pays for these ridiculously expensive infusions every 8 weeks. 
It's time for bed right now. 
The jackhammers will be back at 8 am and I am *really* going to owe my neighbors some brownies very soon for being so cool about the construction. A nice neighbor is such a valuable thing - just one good neighbor can keep me going even amongst a bunch of negative nellies. I think people with good, kind, and helpful - but not intrusive - neighbors don't appreciate the gift those people are in their lives enough. 

So be nice to your neighbors this week; Jesus did say something about Loving our Neighbor as I recall. It's the least we can do for Him.

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