Friday, March 1, 2013

What really happened this week

Plans for the week....

Monthly meeting with charter school teacher Done
Meet with contractor re: permit application Done
Homeschooling outing to Jump Sky High Done
Purchase missing items before softball practice Done, but new glove now added to the list
Softball & little league practices Done
Mom's Night Out at Grandma R's Done
Visit from tutor for math, chess, and science Done + started a Rock/Geology unit Lap book
Pray in front of Planned Parenthood for 40 Days for Life No, baby's nap goes past lunch and I wasn't up for it honestly
Noon Mass on Wednesday Missed due to baby's nap
Homeschool Hands on Sports Done
Cantabile choir practice Done
Purchase displays for Origami Owl launch party Mostly done
Assemble & mail first locket order Done, she already received it and loved how they looked! 
Open mail & pay some bills Opened most of mail but did not pay a single bill. This is getting to be critical, I'm going to miss something if I don't get on this soon
Noon Mass on Friday Missed due to feeling sick
Iceskating at Logitech Sort of, I was too tired to drive, Nanny took kids for me
Paint like Michaelangelo & do picture study Painting done, still need to finish picture study reading 
Read next chapter out of American History book 1/4 of the way done, and did Draw Write Now project relating to Franklin's snake woodcut which I hadn't planned on - bonus
Figure out how to use Math on the Level spreadsheet Not even close
Do 5-a-days at least three times Not one day :(
Two vision therapy appointments Done
Play three board games with kids Said no every time :(
Make tea sandwiches to take to Phi Mu Founders' Day party Not done, needs to be done by Saturday night

Oh no! I forgot to do the Bravewriter assignment for this week for Sweetpea's on-line writing class. Will have to make it up over the weekend

Added: doing a Lapbook as a final project wrapping up our Geology rock unit. I have it all cut out, just needs some labeling and assembling. It's our very first one. Sweetpea says she doesn't see the point. I am hoping once it is done she will see it's a nice was to present a summary of what we've studied to Principal Dad and our Charter School teacher. It is so low-key, creative, and simple that it shouldn't feel like a stretch too far from unschooling. The topic of rocks/geology was their choice - I just want some sort of final product to show for it (there's that "school mentality" raising its ugly head again.) We'll see if we get it done. Sweetpea was more into it once she saw I was working on it. Shouldn't take too long to do on Monday.

I need to calendar all the sports/recitals/events for the next 2 weeks. I have all the things in my head and it's getting very stressful to try to remember it all, especially when I'm going on so little sleep. Writing things down in my calendar helps me to remember them and I like seeing it on paper moreso than on my computer. Must do this by Saturday night then I can create the following week's list of plans. I'm not done with this, but at least I am through about next Tuesday. I can rest a little easier now!

God Bless!

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