Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alleluia! Alleluia! Celebrating all 50 Days of Easter & Some Origami Owl News!

Olivia has been lobbying for a full 50 Day Easter break (how well she is learning that Liturgical Calendar) but I had to say NO. We still have some schoolwork left to do this spring, and we definitely have some Lockets to sell!

Origami Owl is getting ready to roll out 111 new charms next week, a new Hostess Rewards program, and a simplified ordering process for Designers - so whether you're interested in designing your own locket, hosting a party for me, or joining my team as an Independent Designer, next week will be a big week for all things Owl. I can't wait to see what the 111 new charms will be. I had thought of a few suggestions, but certainly not 111! So we're going to play a little game....guess the number of charms that make up this Apple and the one coming closest, without going over, wins one of the 111 new charms. So leave your guess in the comments box and good luck guessing! Contest will end at midnight April 16th. Winner announced the evening of April 17th.

Since it's Autism Awareness Month, I'm still seeing some lovely Autism related designs coming out from my fellow designers. I love how we can design our own, but also be inspired by others' designs. 

There are so many possibilities!

Feel free to email me or Facebook friend me and message me so I can help you with your design ideas. I love to put together the Lockets!
And this Locket highlighting a friends' hobbies was so bright and cheerful I wanted to include it here too. This idea could work for a Mom's locket or a Graduate's locket as well.
And this is VERY IMPORTANT!!! 

These are the official ordering deadlines from the corporate office. {Please make a note of them.} 

To order off the website directly:

My favorite Mom-to-Be locket. We could do yellow accent stones if Mom is waiting to be surprised at the birth. 

Did you wait to find out if it was a boy or a girl, or did you have to know ahead of time? 

I wanted to be surprised at birth, but I know plenty of people who don't want to be surprised. They want to plan ahead. And that's ok too. {It means you can get your locket ordered ahead of time! he he he}

Well, Good night all! I have a train-loving toddler to wrangle to bed now. And since he can already climb out of his crib, it takes a while to wrangle him down to sleep.

Enjoy this glorious Spring and rejoice in Christ's peace!

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