Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week in Review/What Reallly Happened

  • Got to STAR testing for two oldest kids on Monday and Tuesday mornings on time.
  • Gordo had his After School Adventures afternoon on Monday - they took a field trip to a nearby park and he got to buy an icecream from the Icecream truck.
  • I forgot to cancel Toto's Vision Therapy appointment for Tuesday :(
  • Bill and I toured the Cabana as it is all framed out now and, as is my custom, I had to change something. I got out there with my Easter egg chalks and re-drew the bathroom, making it quite a bit smaller. 
  • The workers were able to re-do the framing in one day, so not too bad.
  • Sweetpea made it to Little Flowers, so she had to miss Girls on the Run training. But she'll go Friday.
  • Toto had a baseball game on Monday night.
  • Chickens got lots of love all week long.
  • Baby M's new train set arrived. It is based on the BBC show: "Chuggington." It's the Thomas & Friends of the new generation of boys. The train sets are adorable and affordable and something new for our family. We were all a little sick of Thomas after nine years. The day that the 3 sets and 5 trains arrived we spent about 2 hours setting it all up for Baby M and he was so excited. He skipped dinner, refused a bath (which he loves), refused ice-cream (which he loves) and stayed up 2 hours later than normal because he wanted to keep playing with it over and over. We have another train maniac in the family! The older kids had never seen an episode of Chuggington so they watched a couple of episodes on my laptop. Unfortunately, Chugginton episodes are not available on Netflix and that's the only way we get TV anymore.
  • I had such a bad migraine on Tuesday that I could not drive to the grocery store. Thank goodness Safeway delivers!
  • On Wednesday we made it to homeschool playgroup for Handz on Sports. Nobody had practice or a game that night because of Spring Break for the area schools. Didn't realize till later I missed my own doctor appointment in the morning.
  • I bought Gordo a new mattress because his old one was quite battered after years of nighttime potty training. Enough said.
  • On Thursday the science tutor came as usual. The two older kids had choir practice and I remembered to call ahead to cancel a doctor's appointment.
  • Bill and I had an urgent meeting with a tax attorney. Nothing like an emergency tax visit to ruin your week. St. Matthew, Pray for us!
  • On Friday we had our Field Trip to the USS Pampanito submarine in San Francisco. Bill came with us and the kids had a great time getting up close and personal with a piece of WWII history. {Though I think the hamburger at Zuni Cafe may have been their favorite part of the day.} I forgot to reschedule Toto's Vision Therapy appointment again. Apparently, you actually have to look at what you write down in your calendar for it to have any effect on how your week goes.
  • Friday evening Toto's baseball game went past 7 pm and as the sun was setting it dropped down to 52 degrees and there I was in flip flops and a t-shirt. Brilliant.
  • On Saturday, Sweetpea has a softball game in the morning.
  • After Sweetpea's softball game, we took a field trip to Hidden Villa and Cookie got to see all the farm animals he's been singing about lately. He loved the baa-baas, the moo-moos, and especially the chickens and oink-oinks. The weather was great and we had the place practically to ourselves. Bill actually got a picture of the three boys when they all looked pretty happy.
  • This picture of Cookie looks a lot like the same picture we have of Sweetpea standing on the same tree stump when she was two years old.
  • Afterwards we went to dinner at Frankie, Johnny, and Luigi's and then headed over for a visit with Grandma Ann. The kids were pretty hyped up, but at least they had a lot to tell Grandma Ann about. I wish we could have more days like this!
  • Bill and I were both a bit cranky today after dealing with this tax issue {on a Sunday no less} so I took the kids for a break to Jump Sky High. They burned off some energy and Bill got a little break. By the time we got home he had made us Mushroom Risotto for dinner, so the week ended well, though Bill says he is getting sick again. I hope he doesn't spread it to the kids; I don't think I could handle another month of family sickness right now.

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