Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Congratulations to the Apple Charm Guesser & thoughts on Drunk Teens & Facebook

Beth Walls guessed closest without going over and she wins a New charm! (though you can pick an old one if I have it in stock, Beth)

I announced the winner a few hours early because folks were getting antsy to hear who had won, and I wanted to post a little something positive tonight. After nursing a migraine for over 24 hours, I'm really looking to a brand new day tomorrow morning.

If you are looking for a wonderful, Christian analysis of the Gosnell trial and the Steubenville incident, please visit www.aholyexperience.com. Blooger Ann Voskamp does an amazing job of seeing the bigger picture. Her book "One Thousand Gifts" is also exceptional.

The patch.com news service from Los Altos also had a sad story about a young woman who committed suicide shortly after being sexually assaulted (while passed out drunk apparently*) and then being shamed about it on Facebook.  I am so sad for this girl's family and so sad that they did not learn about the sexual assault or her Facebook postings until AFTER her death.

It absolutely terrifies me that this could happen to my daughter. My worse fear is that she would not seek comfort or help from us, but would instead post her own Facebook status updates about it, further publicizing her trauma.

Facebook (and other social media) just seems like a bad idea for teens. Not that adults don't abuse social media too, but the teens seem more reckless about it. I had not planned to let the kids have Facebook accounts until age 16.  I don't see any reason to change that policy now.

All of the teens involved were students at a public high school in one of the "best" school districts in our state. It just goes to show that high test scores don't correlate with high ethical standards or positive socialization.

Does no one read "Lord of the Flies" anymore?

* Someone needs to start a tough conversation about teen girls and binge drinking, because this "passed out drunk teen age girl gets sexually assaulted at a party" is a trend that needs to stop now.

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