Monday, April 15, 2013

Just off

Someone asked today how I was feeling and I said "just off." 

Sort of like I've been feeling the last couple of weeks. 

My knees ache from the arthritis common to Crohn's patients and now it's spread to my hip as well. Will probably be here a few more weeks before it goes away again.

Been following the Gosnell trial develop and hoping and praying it will open people's eyes up about what a late term abortion really is. I think people have had their heads stuck in the sand for way too long on this issue. I'm surprised we can't all agree on that at least.

Heard the news of the bombing near the end of the Boston Marathon, still haven't processed all that bad news coming in from back east today. I keep remembering the Mr. Rogers quote about "look for the helpers," it's the only thing that keeps me from absorbing all this bad news like a sponge and becoming immobilized by it.  

And then to hear North Korea talk, there's no point in worrying about any of this anyway because they've got their missiles aimed at us "imperialists" and we're heading for a major confrontation any day now.

So it's hard to tell if I'm "just off" because of the worn down effect of the Crohn's and the arthritis or the accumulation of bad news over the last few weeks. Either way, I feel like I'm close to burn out and need to take a few days off. It's time to lay in the supply of prepared meals and cold breakfasts and start queuing up the Netflix movies for the kids to watch. I'm not up for more than the bare minimum this week. The nanny will have to do the best they can and our homeschooling will have to take a pause. Cause Mama just can't deal this week.

But playing in the sprinklers always makes Mama happy.


  1. I hear you. It's hard not to be overwhelmed right now even if you are healthy. If you are already not feeling well, I can only imagine that it is all that much more difficult to function. It's all a bit hard to digest. Taking the time to refresh sounds like a good idea.

  2. It's good to read about you giving yourself permission to do that. A few days ago I really needed to take a sick day, but I had to cook or would have nothing to eat, had to take care of the kids, etc. So I tried my best to give myself a day off from self-criticism. Whatever hadn't gotten done that needed to, it was okay that day. Went pretty well, overall. --Allena


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