Monday, April 21, 2014

Springtime Catch Up & Vanesa is here

Here's my big guy! He is doing so well at his swim lessons. Actually all four are doing well and are excited to soon be able to swim in their own pool. It's been a long slog getting this backyard into shape and it's still not done. But at least the pool is finally done.

This picture makes me so happy, like Pharell Williams happy.

Toddlers are the best!!!

OH RIGHT! I forgot to tell you...I had a baby girl...
 Elizabeth Ann Jennings arrived on April 10, 2014. She was almost 9 lbs and perfectly healthy!
Here's the big guy feeding his baby sister a bottle at the hospital. She is the one who made him a big brother. He is very excited about having her around and is surprisingly gentle with her.
On April 19 we inaugurated the new pool since it was Toto's birthday. It was still cold outside so we cranked up the pool heater. That's Vanesa in the pool with the kids, not me. I was pool side for 8 weeks.

Here's Vanesa and the kids decorating Easter eggs. Vanesa came all the way from Chile to take care of the kids for us while I was in the hospital and is staying for a few weeks afterwards. I wouldn't have made it without her.

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