Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Reconcilliation

Tonight our big girl, Sweetpea, will make her First Reconciliation. She has been preparing so hard for this Sacrament and is excited to get to do something so grown up. Last night, she could not sleep for a long while, and Dad had to finally carry her back to her own bed at 9:30 so she could get some rest. I know she has been worrying about forgetting what to say to the priest when her turn comes, and I reminded her that sometimes I forget too, and that seems to have calmed her down some.

We're having rice and beans for dinner tonight before heading out to church. It was a quiet day for homeschooling since all 3 kids had their homeschool enrichment classes this morning so I had some time off. The kids enjoyed the St. Blaise coloring sheets from Waltzing Matilda today too.

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