Friday, February 4, 2011

She did it!

She got through the nerves and was able to sit with the priest by herself and talk with him during her first confession. It doesn't appear (from what she says) that she actually told him any of the sins that she had been thinking about confessing, but I told her that if she brought them to confession in her heart, God would make sure to absolve her of all her sins. I think the next time will be easier, plus it will help if it's a priest who is someone she knows. Overall, it was a lovely ceremony. Afterwards, I took her out for vanilla icecream, pure white, just like her soul!

This morning all 3 kids have their hiking day with Tiny Treks. Our nanny took them since I'm still a bit tired from the week. I am grateful that Remicade keeps my Crohn's in remission, but it does make me tired and achy when I first get it.

Later today, Sweetpea has a birthday party for a classmate from the homeschool program, and the rest of us need to pack, pack, pack for our much deserved vacation to Mexico!

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