Monday, February 21, 2011

A Surprise next door!

Our lovely neighbors the Heffs had their third baby girl this past weekend while we were in Mexico, we were so excited to see pink balloons tied to the fence this morning. I did not know they were having a "surprise" baby just like us, it always feels like we are in the minority when we say we don't know what we're having and we don't want to know till it's time. People look at us like we're crazy. Mr. J has started saying, we are 100% sure it's a boy or a girl just to keep them off our back.

We are back home from our vacation in sunny Mexico and were thrilled that it did not rain today so at least the kids could get out for a little bit of exercise. The house was so cold when we got home last night that Sweetpea went to bed all "doubled" as she called, double layers of everything.

The kids caught up on making Valentine's day cards for all their homeschool school buddies, so there was lots of pink and red and puffy hearts in the kitchen today.

I'm baking bread and Mr. J went to go pick us up some Vietnamese soup (Pho) because I'm a little tired of rice and beans....if you know what I mean!

Will post pictures of the kids dolphin adventure soon.

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