Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feeling yucky

Nothing worse than being sick at Christmas, though the year I had shingles across my right shoulder blade and 14 people coming for dinner and they wouldn't give me anti-virals because I thought I might be pregnant....that was worse than this.

The baby is sick again, and I am still sick, but worse. The doctor gave me antibiotics today so I hope they start kicking in before the weekend.

We may have to postpone Christmas. My kids are going crazy. They were inside all day today. Yuck!

Bill is still visiting his Mom tonight so he didn't get to have dinner with us again. That doesn't help with the kids behavior. Today I found Toto holding the baby upside down in his crib. He said "Baby M. wanted to hang upside down." REALLY?? Do you think I'm going to fall for the 6 month old asking to be hung upside down like a bat excuse? Where do they get this stuff from?

It's past their bedtime and I am praying they go to bed soon so I can get some rest. The front of my face feels like it's going to explode from all the sinus pressure. I know I need the Remicade to live, but the upper respiratory infections are a really nasty side effect. No two ways about it. Bill just walked in...he can go turn off the boys' light.

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